Sorghum broom factory “Eco brooms”

Our factory has been founded in the year 2011, as a result of a 40 year long tradition of a family broom manufacturing business, which started from a grandfather, who started managing a broom manufacture, and was picked up by his son, who learned the craft of making sorghum brooms, and then passed it on to his grandson. We now produce brooms and broom handles.

Factory capacities

“Eco brooms” factory can produce 1.600 to 1.700 brooms a day and 30.000 to 40.000 brooms a month. The quantity varies and is dependable on varius factors like the needs of a customer, model of brooms made and also it depends on a way in which the chosen broom is made. Our factory uses sorghum grown on the fertile Vojvodina soil. The sorhum  grown on this soil is top quality. Serbia is the fourth largest sorghum broom producing country in the world after Mexico, USA and Shri Lanca.

We also sell wooden broomsticks with a FSC certificate.

Business partners

As a growing firm, we employ highly skilled broom making craftsmen, and we have a long list of business partners in the EU and in the world. To this day we have traded with partners from many countries, like Italy, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Spain, Greece, UK and the USA.

Eco friendly product

Our sorghum brooms are made entirely out of biodegradable and recyclable materials. The head of the broom is made of sorghum fibers and the handle is made of wood. Both of these materials can be used for compost or biomass. The nails and the wire made of metal can be recycled.